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windows 8

windows 8

Ready to roll: Your basic apps

Windows gives you apps for the basics and a lot more. Free apps like People, Mail, Photos, and Messaging power you through essential tasks and work together to make everything easier.

People app icon


See the latest info and start conversations with contacts from your email accounts, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

SkyDrive app icon


Seamless access to your files from your Windows apps, as well as from your other devices.

Mail app icon


Get email from your accounts—including Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo!—all in one place.

Bing app icon


Go from searching to doing, with a touch-friendly interface and stunning, immersive imagery.

Video app icon


Browse and watch movies and shows. Watch on your PC or play to your TV.

Skype app icon


Included with your PC or free from the Windows Store, Skype lets you do things together when you’re apart, with voice, video, and IM.

Photos app icon


See your photos and videos in one place, whether they’re on Facebook, Flickr, SkyDrive, or another PC.

News app icon


Customize your news, and see it in a dramatic, photo-rich format.

Music app icon


Explore, download, and listen to the latest songs and share your playlists.

Games app icon


Discover and download new games, edit your profile, and see how you stack up against your friends.



Yantinurhida lahir pada tanggal 17 Nopember. Dia sulung dari dua bersaudara. memiliki 1 orang adik laki-laki yang sekarang sedang duduk di kelas XI SMA. Sedang dalam pencarian pekerjaan yang membuatnya merasa menemukan passion-nya. Hobinya adalah menulis blog, membaca, bermimpi, menggambar, menyanyi asal , nonton film, nonton acara sport, main game dan menonton Running Man. Motto : Selalu OPTIMIS dan pantang menyerah!

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